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Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Arena Masters community web site. Please visit our forums to discuss any topic of interest, including UT2004, servers, clan membership, technical issues, or life in general. We hope you find that we’re a supportive group dedicated to the pursuit of entertainment! We are also a laid back bunch, but neverless there are a few guidelines that we have set up to ensure that things run smoothly around here.

  • The owner(s)/administrator(s) have sole authority over Their decisions on matters are to be considered final unless stated otherwise.
  • Cheating on LIANDRI.COM servers will result in an immediate and permanent ban. No excuses. Rebuttals may be brought up, but without solid proof a ban will not be lifted.All rebuttals must be brought up either on our forums or via some sort of private messaging (irc, e-mail, etc). All forum posts regarding server bans are to be kept in the forum labelled "Servers" within the "Bans/Appeals" sub forum.
  • Aliasing is acceptable so long as it does not disrupt other players/clans.
  • Swearing is allowed, but only within reason. Try to be maturely respectful.
  • Racial slurs or excessive derogatory commentary is not acceptable and cause for a permanent ban from both servers and forums.
  • Excessive spamming and/or flaming could result in a temporary or permanent ban from the servers and/or forums.
  • All rules are subject to change without any prior notice.

Joining the Team

 We here at =A!M= aren’t just a clan, we are a community of friends. Our main objective is to have fun and get our community here at growing. Character of the individual and their willingness to participate are more important to us than raw skill.

To become an =A!M= member, we ask that you become part of our general community first. Play on our servers, post in our forums, or hang out on our IRC channel. Your participation and character will ultimately be our deciding vote as to whether or not you should be a part of our clan.

Remember, just have fun and be maturely respectful towards all players on our servers and forums. We are a diverse group of individuals here and only wish to have members who are comfortable with our vision of a clan and community.